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The MINERVA Process

MINERVA stands for Mirror Neuron Research Validated Approach. MINERVA is a small-group, market research strategy. Our team incorporates psychoanalysis, cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques, symbol therapy, art therapy and cultural anthropology to analyze our sessions and reach into the psyche of your potential customers.

Here’s how it works

  • We will conduct an in-depth interview to determine your marketing goals.
  • Abaculus will recruit participants who represent your target audience.

  • We will host and record an interactive role-playing research session of 3 hours.

  • The MINERVA process will be applied to determine the exact strategy to meet your goals.

  • Abaculus will create and design images and messages that are guaranteed to unconsciously appeal to your ideal consumers.

  • During a thorough presentation, we will present you with your new marketing communication and materials.

  • We’ll host a workshop for you and your team, to demonstrate the reasoning behind our research and why this strategy will be successful.

  • Abaculus will be by your side to follow up and measure your results.

Whatever the professional field you’re doing business in, a symbolic, unconscious system of influences, preferences, and decisions regulates the way people think about and engage with your business. With the help of Abaculus and MINERVA, we can accurately and reliably predict your consumers’ needs.

Our approach

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Abaculus is a team of professionals, and we perform market research in all fields.

Market Confidently

Abaculus clients increase their turnover, sometimes by double, within 2-3 months.

Enjoy Guaranteed Results

You want results you can trust. We know how to get them.

Let’s shine a light on things

Abaculus has the tools you need to reveal your ideal marketing strategies.









About out latest case study


Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC

Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC is the producer of the leading antihypertensive drug, Coverex. With the active ingredient of perindopril, Coverex has been a highly-valued brand on the antihypertensive market for many years.

In line with the growth of the fixed combination drug market, Egis introduced a new combination medication, Covercard, with the active ingredients of perindopril and amlodipin. In preparation for the launch of this new medication, Abaculus was hired to conduct research regarding the positioning of the drug within the field of therapy. Our research aimed to identify the place this new Coverex-brand medication would take in therapeutic application.


“Nowadays doctors can choose between tens of thousands of products when prescribing medication. In this intensive competition we try to reach a prominent position not only with an effective medicine but also with attention-catching, memorable design.
We designed an image for the promotion of our product based on the results of the company’s research conducted with doctors. This design received undivided success among doctors and expressed the quality this product represents.”

Dr. Nóra Marsal - product manager, EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC.

“The Abaculus research enabled us to take a fresh look at our goals and how we plan them. Our AMC had never gone through such an in-depth look at our organization, and thanks to the Abaculus USA group, we were given the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.”

Elaine Adler - President, Aventura Marketing Council

“ABACULUS with its unique market research and through using psychological tools explores and reveals the real prescribing habits of doctors, the target group of the pharmaceutical industry. ABACULUS staff have not only appealing personalities but are also experts and give authentic answers to client needs. This is done partially by concluding the research and partially beforehand, when they have a good understanding of the client’s problem, by helping to formulate very specific questions.
After the research, we got support from them on how to use the results to make the medication communication strategies and wording of the messages more effective.
I am happy to have come across your work. The increase in sales is partially due to this research.”

Dr. Andrea Kalóczkai - product manager , EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC.

“The unique methodology of ABACULUS has enabled us to explore new possibilities in the design of marketing communication. Through the analyzed products we have received a lot of new, interesting and unexpected information about our target group’s way of thinking. The visual ideas, linked to the revealed associations, helped us formulate the brief for the creative agencies. We felt that thanks to the complete communication package, in the case of several of our products, we have managed to gain an advantage over competitors.”

Dr. Peter Olah - Head of Marketing Department , EGIS Pharmaceuticals PLC.

Aventura Marketing Council

The Abaculus research enabled us to take a fresh look at our goals and how we plan them. Our AMC had never gone through such an in-depth look at our organization, and thanks to the Abaculus USA group, we were given the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction.

Elaine Adler
President of Aventura Marketing Council