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Step into the Light

Have you ever wanted to achieve instant, voluntary acceptance in your consumers’ minds? With Abaculus, you can.

At Abaculus, we are motivated by innovation. We looked past traditional market research strategies and understood that there were more effective ways of understanding consumers. We developed a proprietary process that continues to shed light on how audiences think and respond to businesses and products of all kinds.

Because we are always looking forward, we have nurtured a tranquil, optimistic atmosphere at Abaculus. Our research sessions are fun and engaging, which means we always have willing participants. When you choose Abaculus, you can be sure that the marketing strategies we adopt for you will get right to the hearts and minds of your target audience in a positive way. What we do isn’t magic, it just feels like it is.

Want a Peek?

Our approach to market research is thoroughly integrative. We incorporate results from several disciplines. While we primarily concentrate on what happens in the consumer’s mind at the level of psychology, we also incorporate biology, cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques, symbol therapy, art therapy and cultural anthropology, because we understand that consumer behavior is affected by many factors. We attempt to understand how these different factors work together. Abaculus delivers a deeper, more accurate understanding of your consumers than you’ll get from any other market research company.


What is MINERVA?

MINERVA is a paradigm-shifting marketing tool developed by ABACULUS GROUP. It facilitates deeper understanding of human thinking and decision making. It helps in decoding the actions and behaviors of others. By simulating real situations, MINERVA allows reproduction and analysis of behavior typical to such situations. It is both an approach and a system. It covers the end-to-end process of marketing communication, beginning with the initial question, all the way through to research and final implementation. This method, unlike others, is able to overcome distortion factors. In addition, it eliminates rational and posterior explanatory thinking. It also means participants don’t try to meet the expectations of the focus group leader, researcher or in-depth interviewer. It provides a much more genuine picture of what is really going on inside the participants’ minds when they have to make a choice or decision. The analysis and observation of group dynamic processes also plays an important role in the conceptual background of MINERVA.

Meet Our Team

Abaculus is a team of compassionate professionals with enthusiasm for decoding human behaviors and understanding marketing on a personal level.

Zoltan Jonas
Zoltan JonasPresident
As the President of Abaculus, Zoltan has worked with clients in the fields of politics, pharmaceuticals, finance, and many others. Some of his most rewarding work has been connecting industry-leading businesses and thought leaders in their respective professions with solutions to their most challenging marketing uncertainties. Seeing the light of understanding in someone’s eyes is what motivates Zoltan to do what he does.
Zoltan understands that effective marketing is a need that all businesses and professions share, but he also recognizes that something so complex doesn’t have to be complicated. It is possible to create an original, visually appealing marketing campaign that is also extremely impactful. Zoltan is fascinated by this intersection of artistry and precision. As a musician who enjoys playing the piano and saxophone, Zoltan brings a unique artistic sensibility to his work.
Tamas Kajtar
Tamas KajtarVice President
In a word, Tamas is reliable. He prides himself on positive communication and is passionate about working with clients to achieve common goals. As Vice President of Abaculus, he lends an integral supporting role to not only our day-to-day operations, but to our clients. Tamas is generally seen as a trusted ally by the product managers, brand managers, and marketing strategists that we serve.
Tamas is no stranger to ambition. He believes that organization is essential to achievement and he brings an overarching stability to his work at Abaculus. He’s also an avid soccer player, runner, and Aikido practitioner.