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Latest Case Studies

Let us show you, how the revolutionary Minerva – method worked in action.

EGIS case study

Covercard fixed-dose combination MINERVA research. Coverex, a leading medicine with perindopril content is a product of Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC . It is one of the most frequently applied antihypertensive drugs, and it has been a highly valued brand on the antihypertensive market for many years.

TEVA Case Study

Besides the existing Refluxon TEVA Hungary Zrt. planned a new drug launch in the therapy of reflux and peptic ulcer. The new medicine Rabyprex was a proton pump blocker generic. It was another important point that the position and the image of Rabyprex not to take patients away from Refluxon.

Mill Pharmacy Case Study

The MILL PARK PHARMACY management wanted to get information about how to represent the pharmacy and what image to use for Mill Park shopping center customers and local residents in order to increase customer number and thereby significantly increase pharmacy turnover.

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