Mill Pharmacy MINERVA Research


Aim of the research

The MILL PARK PHARMACY management wanted to get information about how to represent the pharmacy and what image to use for Mill Park shopping center customers and local residents in order to increase customer number and thereby significantly increase pharmacy turnover.

The research method and the sample

In order to achieve the previously defined goal we carried out a 12-person MINERVA group with the participation of residents. The research group conducted by our professionals took three hours.

MINERVA is a paradigm-shifting marketing tool developed by ABACULUS GROUP. It facilitates deeper understanding of human thinking and decision making. It helps in decoding the actions and behavior of others. This method, unlike others, is able to overcome distortion factors. It provides a much more genuine picture of what is really going on inside the participants when they have to make a choice or decision.

We used several psychological tools derived from psychodrama, psychoanalysis, cognitive and behavioral therapy, symbol therapy, art therapy and cultural anthropology during the MINERVA research. In addition the analysis and observation of group dynamic processes played an important role in the conceptual background. According to the three-hour session we analyzed the research and we presented the results to our Client within two weeks.

Visual communication and keywords regarding the research analysis

  • Luck
  • Mill Pharmacy the name
  • Family
  • Roots
  • Forgiveness, absolution

Business results – outstanding sales growth after implementing the new strategy

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