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Exclusive MINERVA Market Research

Trying to see inside the mind of the consumer can feel like peering into a dark room. Traditional consumer research relies on focus groups, surveys and somewhat archaic means of getting into the minds of the consumer. These results are often skewed or biased and do not provide accurate information. MINERVA is a cutting-edge system that changes the paradigm of market research and delivers more reliable results than ever before.

Traditional marketing research is like looking around with a flashlight. With MINERVA by Abaculus it is like seeing the world in a whole new light.

Our Process

Our team uses proprietary techniques to analyze all the reactions and interactions of participants in our MINERVA groups. We look from multiple angles to discover deep emotions that drive actions. A mentalist doesn’t read minds, they read queues and then show symbols or use language to trigger mental images that lead the subject down a path. Using symbols and imagery to trigger the desired emotion, we can tailor marketing communications to lead customers to the decision or action path we want them to follow. It sounds far-fetched, but our results are nothing short of astounding. This is science, not smoke and mirrors.

Marketing Expertise

If you could be a mind reader, wouldn’t your job understanding your customers be infinitely easier? FBI agents are trained to understand and interpret body language, voice patterns, micro-expressions and other involuntary physical reactions to help solve crimes. Magicians and mentalists read these same queues to entertain and amaze audiences. MINERVA is a groundbreaking process and technology that allows you to use these same techniques and principles to get inside the mind of your consumers like never before.

Abaculus can strengthen the impact of your marketing efforts without turning your existing strategy on its head. Instead, we focus on improving every aspect of your current marketing campaigns to guarantee success.

Proven Results

Our approach is to engage a group of 8-14 carefully chosen subjects in the precise demographic you are targeting. A typical study consists of 3 hours of relaxed and fun interaction that includes conversation and role-playing. We are able to uncover the emotions and unconscious feelings behind decisions, not just the decision. When we understand these emotions, we can understand what symbols or images will connect with that emotion or motivation and tailor marketing materials based on those symbols. In fact, we offer a guarantee that we will deliver measurable results.

Illuminate the Invisible.

Abaculus is a premier market research company. We use our proprietary, specialized MINERVA process and technology to revolutionize your marketing strategies and communications.

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